Titans to Compete in Jack Kramer Collegiate Tournament

Titans to Compete in Jack Kramer Collegiate Tournament

PALOS VERDES, Calif. – The Titans will compete in the Jack Kramer Collegiate Tournament starting this Thursday. Genevieve Zeidan, Karla Portalatin, Masako Makiba and Caisey Lee Emery will be the ones representing the team for this tournament.

The Jack Kramer Collegiate Tournament will see our Titans compete in two different brackets: Open Singles and Open Doubles. Other teams in attendance will be: UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, Baylor, Pepperdine, Marymount, University of San Diego, University of Arizona, USC.

Playing first in the morning at 10:30am PT is Genevieve Zeidan facing Valero from UCSB in the round of 32 of the women's bracket.

Later in the day, three Titans will compete in singles matches at the same time. At 3pm PT, Masako Makiba will be playing against UCSB Goncharova while Caisey Lee Emery will be competing against Marymount athlete Mcnall. Karla Portalatin will face off Lekaj's from Pepperdine University at 3pm PT as well.

The doubles matches will only start this Friday with two match-ups for the Titans. Emery and Makiba form the first duo and will be facing University of Arizona team of Heynemans and Van Aelst. The second doubles match will also be against University of Arizona as Portalatin and Zeidan will be facing Furak and Zandberg.

First round's matches are listed below.



Valero (UCSB) vs. Zeidan (CSUF) – Thursday at 10:30am PT

Makiba (CSUF) vs. Goncharova (UCSB) – 3pm PT

Emery (CSUF) vs. Mcnall (Marymount) – 3pm PT

Portalatin (CSUF) vs. Lekaj's (Pepperdine) – 3pm PT



Emery/Makiba (CSUF) vs. Heynemans-Van Aelst (UA) – 10:30am PT

Furak-Zandberg (UA) vs. Portalatin/Zeidan (CSUF) – 10:30am PT

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