Davis Named Cape League All-Star Game MVP

Davis Named Cape League All-Star Game MVP

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SOUTH YARMOUTH, Mass. – Cal State Fullerton's J.D. Davis was named the 2013 Cape League All-Star Game Most Valuable Player for the Eastern Division, after leading the squad to a 9-3 victory over the West on Saturday.

Representing the Chatham Anglers, Davis batted 2-for-2, driving in three runs with one swing of the bat in the sixth.

Davis, a Big West Conference first  team selection for the Titans in 2013, entered the game as a defensive substitution in the top of the sixth, and blasted a three-run homer in the bottom of the frame to give the East an 8-2 advantage.

Davis also doubled in the eighth.

Prior to the game, Davis competed in the Home Run Derby, and finished second, advancing to the finals with winner Skyler Ewing.

Kevin Cron was named the West's MVP.


QUESTION: It was a good day for you, your home run hitting contest carried over. Did it feel good to have your redemption with your home run in the final round?

 J.D. Davis: Yeah it was disappointing for not getting one, especially in the second round. But it's good for Skyler, I've known him as a buddy, played with him last year. It was great for him to win it, but it was bittersweet to get another one for the game and help the East win.

QUESTION: JD they say that sometimes fatigue can be a factor when you're in a home run derby or a pregame contest like that. And when you went out there today, you didn't look like you had any fatigue at all. Were you just resting a little bit after the derby to make sure you were all right for the game?

 J.D. DAVIS: Yeah I was, I was hydrating. I got a little tired in the second round, I mean, it was only a two-round home run derby, but, mentally you get fatigued. Physically not that much, but mentally trying to stay focused, selecting your pitch and everything. But I don't know, I was just trying to have fun with the guys, especially not starting or anything, being a reserve on the bench, just having fun with the guys, really just soaking in the opportunity to be out here.


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