Letterwinners Logo The Titan Letterwinners Club represents all varsity student-athletes who have had the distinct honor of wearing the Titan uniform. Aiming to reconnect alumni to the university and the department of intercollegiate athletics, the Titan Letterwinners Club will celebrate past successes, strengthen the tradition of Titan Athletics and support the pursuits of current student-athletes.

You must have competed in at least one season as a Titan in an intercollegiate sport that is recognized by the NCAA. To join, click the button below. 

• Membership is free
• Free admission for you and a guest* to designated Titan Letterwinners Club home games. Games TBA.
• Special video board recognition at designated Titan Letterwinners games
• Remain connected to the Titan family
• Exclusive Newsletter

For more information or other inquiries, contact Greg Paules at (657) 278-4516 or gpaules@fullerton.edu.

*Guests who are considered prospect age are only eligible to attend if they are an immediate family member of Titan Letterwinners Club member. Prospects include: youth entering the ninth grade through the completion of college for all sports except men’s basketball which begins with those entering the seventh grade.



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