Tennis Extravaganza Apr. 9

March 4, 2010

Fullerton, Calif. - Finally, the time is here for the 21st annual Cal State Fullerton Faculty/Staff/Alumni/Women's Tennis Team "extravaganza" and everyone is invited!

The original Faculty/Staff day was intended to provide a way for CSF staff and faculty to come out and meet their women's tennis team and have some fun hitting balls with them and hopefully raise a little money. But after 20 years it now includes former faculty & staff, parents, "special" guests, alumni, spouses of alumni, children of's going to be really scary when grandkids start showing up!

The date of the 2010 event is Friday, April 9, at 2 p.m. Meet at the CSF tennis courts. Anybody who knows which is the "business" end of a tennis racket is welcome. Tennis balls, refreshments, and fun, will be provided.

Please let Coach Bill Reynolds know if you plan on joining his team on this special day. He looks forward to seeing you all on the courts!

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