Getting to Know Lindsay Stasinis

Getting to Know  Lindsay Stasinis

FULLERTON, Calif. – In February, Cal State Fullerton women's soccer head coach Demian Brown inked his 2014 signing class to National Letters of Intent.

Throughout the spring, will "Get to Know" the newest Titans, that will step on campus for the 2014-15 academic year.

The seventh 2014 Titan signee to join for the Q&A is defender Lindsay Stasinis of Royal High School in Simi Valley, Calif. Why did you decide to attend Cal State Fullerton and play for the Titans?

Lindsay: The Cal State Fullerton coaching staff contacted my best friends and me at the same time, which was something that was rare and really awesome. Once I visited the campus and met everyone, attending Cal State Fullerton just seemed right.  The campus is nice, and everyone was so welcoming and supportive, which was something I really liked. Fellow signee Morgan Bertsch described the trio of you, Kim Braddock and Morgan as triplets. Would you tell Titan fans your thoughts on getting to play college soccer with two of your best friends from Valley United?

Lindsay: Being able to play college soccer is something that is so great by itself and by adding my two best friends into the situation makes it that much better.  It is something that is so rare to happen, and when I think about it, it still shocks me to believe that it all worked out the way that it did.  It is truly a blessing to be able to say that I am going to have my two best friends by my side on and off the field for another four years. As many soccer accolades as you have, we have to ask you about playing for your high school football team last season as the team's place kicker. What was that like, and did you learn anything that translates to soccer?

Lindsay: Playing for my high school football team was an amazing experience, and I look back and think that I was crazy for doing it. Playing football was very intimidating at first, but once I got to know everyone, they welcomed me into their "brotherhood" with open arms.  Playing football translated into helping me with soccer in a mental aspect.  Due to the intimidation I was under, and the harsh atmosphere, it helped me have a strong mentality. People assume that since I was the girl that everyone would go easier on me and be nicer to me.  However, to my coaches and teammates, I was just another player who also had a job to do. Head coach Demian Brown describes you as a solid center back with an ability to read the game. Fullerton has been one of the top defensive teams in the league, what are your thoughts about soon being a part of a very talented defense?


Lindsay: I must admit that thinking about playing on the back line for Fullerton is intimidating, but having those high expectations will help me grow as a player.  High expectations will serve as a motivation for me to play to the best of my ability. I'll strive to improve as a player while being in this program, and the motivation will help me do so. If you could have a super hero power, what would it be and why?                                                     


Lindsay: Probably to be able to run at the speed of light.  As much as I love soccer, I only tolerate running for soccer. If you could meet any three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?                                 

Lindsay: One would be my grandpa because he passed away before I was born, and I always hear such great things about him.  Another would be Kevin Hart because he is hilarious.  And the last one would be Alex Morgan because she is amazing at playing soccer. Tell us about your favorite moment on the soccer field?                                                                         


Lindsay: The times when I score because that makes me feel accomplished for being a defender. What should Cal State Fullerton fans know about you?

Lindsay: That even though I am injured and will have to redshirt, I can't wait to step back onto that field and do what I love to do.



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