Getting to Know Director of Basketball Operations Becky Burke

Getting to Know Director of Basketball Operations Becky Burke

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With the 2013-14 Cal State Fullerton women's basketball season just a day away, caught up with new director of basketball operations Becky Burke as we continue with part four of our five-part mini series introducing each one of the new members of the Titan staff. How has the job been so far and how has the transition been from being a student-athlete to being on a women's basketball staff?


It's been a lot of fun and something to get used to, but I am really enjoying it so far. You come from a program like Louisville, where you were one game away from a National Championship last year and during your freshman year you played in the national championship game against UCONN, how has the transition been to Cal State Fullerton?


Yes, the biggest difference is how spoiled you are at a BCS school, but it's cool to be part of a mid-major program that's rebuilding with a new coaching staff and trying to climb the ladder in the Big West conference. This is a very young, energetic coaching staff. How has it been working with them so far?


This staff has been incredible and we all get along so well. The best part of this coaching staff is that we compliment one another and because we get along so well it feels like we have known each other for years. A lot of people might not know what a Director of Basketball Operations does, fill us in on what your role is for the team?


Equipment ordering with Nike, main job is to order equipment and once we get going into the season my duties will be helping out with travel, making sure team meals and road trips go smoothly. I also assist coach Park with daily tasks just to make his life easier. Is there a certain NBA or WNBA team that you root for or follow?


I don't follow a certain team, but if I did it would be the Philadelphia 76ers. What are some things you like to do for fun when you're not on the basketball court?


Well being out here in Southern California, I love doing outdoor activities such as bike riding and laying out by the pool, but I'm a workout junkie so I'd have to add lifting weights and working out. With you being so young and a former college player not too long ago, do you feel like you can connect with the players a little differently because you understand what they're going through?


Yes, I get along very well with the players, but there is that line that I can't be their best friend since I am so close to them in age, but again being the same age it's been easy for them to come talk to me about any issues rather than having to go to coach Park all the time. What's one thing people don't know about you that they should know?

I'm a homebody; I love to chill at home, watch TV and rest. I'm very low maintenance.
When people think of Cal State Fullerton women's basketball this year, what's the first thing you hope comes to mind?

When people think of us this year, people are going to say "wow this team got better". People are not going to realize this is the same team as last year because were going to have a lot of effort on the court.


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