The Omaha House Is Back!

The Omaha House Is Back!

June 12, 2006

Omaha, NE -
For the third time, the Titan Athletics Club and the Cal State Fullerton Alumni Association have rented a house on 13th Street in Omaha, opposite the third-base grandstand of Rosenblatt Stadium, to serve as "party headquarters" for Titan fans, alumni and supporters from around the country.

They again made the arrangements with the assistance of Nebraska residents Jim Venuto and Dr. Joann Schaefer-Haines (class of '90). Donations of money, food and beverage are accepted to "fund" the project and the extra expenses incurred by the baseball program in making the trip to Omaha. The house has proved remarkably popular since it was started in 2003. This year's house is the same as in 2004 -- it's located at 3464 S. 13th Street.

In 2004, the national champion Titans were able to walk across the street from the stadium and join in the revelry before heading back to their hotel.

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