The Cal State Fullerton Spirit Squad is comprised of the Titans Cheer Squad and our nationally ranked Titans Dance Team. The teams enhance game experiences and crowd involvement for Titan Athletics and participate in various community events each year. The CSUF Spirit Squad is committed to promoting Titan Athletics through creating a cooperative spirit between the teams, the student body and the athletics community.

The Titans Dance Team competes in the UDA National Dance Championships and has successfully earned 16 national championship titles. For appearance request information, click here.

2016-2017 Titans Dance Team

Brain Head shot Cole Head Shot Daly head shot desrocher head shot J Ericsson head shot N Ericsson Head Shot Gain head shot Gulley head shot Lockwood head shot Marr head shot Montoya head shot Roy head shot Ruhe head shot Samiduiroff head shot Thomson Head Shot  Hander hook head shot


2016-2017 Titans Cheer Team

Aguayo head shot Astacia head shot Blakey Head Shot Flammer head shot Maria Flammer head shot Garfias Head Shot Grisotti head shot Kennedy head shot Mendoza head shot Morrissey head shot Robertson Head Shot  Rocha head shot Rodriguez head shot Spencer head shot  Vargas head shot


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