Athletes Get Street Smart

Athletes Get Street Smart

May 11, 2010

Fullerton, Calif. - The value of making good decisions was graphically displayed for Cal State Fullerton student-athletes Tuesday night in Titan Gym when they heard the 'Street Smart' presentation from Stay Alive from Education (S.A.F.E.).

Orlando, Florida, paramedics Chris Stocks and Joe McCluan took the audience through real-life situations that often precede traumatic events, which most often are auto accidents for age group 14 to 25 years. They displayed photographs and video from fatal auto crashes depicting the damage caused to a body unrestrained because seat belts were not utilized.

Bryan Luther, a sprinter on the men's track team, was the "volunteer" who was walked through a party sequence with some bad decisions and what kind of treatment he could expect after an accident involving a potentially lethal mix of poor judgment, distraction and non-restraint. He was strapped to a board to prevent further spinal injuries and subjected to a variety of emergency room procedures.

The paramedics went through a real-life sequence of initial response procedures ranging from "dead on arrivals" to extricating victims with multiple trauma. Demonstrated were the techniques and implements such as needles, syringes and catheters necessary to keep a patient alive, often administered without pain killers due to side effects to vital blood pressure.

S.A.F.E. is a non-profit organization created by firefighter/paramedics in Florida who are dedicated to reducing injuries and fatalities. The presentation at Fullerton was underwritten by Straub Distributing Co. of Tustin.

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